Frog   Frog   Frog
Slowflyer made from pink Fan Fold Foam (FFF). Used plans and a wing jig from FoamFly. The jig is neat - just cut a piece of foam to fit the jig and bake for 20 minutes in the oven for a very nice airfoil. Frog uses GWS micro components and a 9x7 prop. 34" wingspan, 8 oz all up weight. Don't forget to reverse both motor and prop to make it a pusher.

Modeltech Magic
This is a fun balsa ARF that is very manuverable and has a lot of power with the Endoplasma motor. Maiden flight went very well at MARCEE 2002.

Pumpkin II   Pumpkin II
Punkin II
Wanted a very small plane that was more at home in a single gym than the Tiger Moth. The November 2001 issue of RC Microflight had a design for a tiny balsa biplane that would surely fit the bill, but I wanted to build with depron foam. Turned out quite a bit heavier. Will see if it still flys the next time there is no wind.

Zero   Zero
GWS Zero
A very nice 300 sized kit from GWS. "Full boat" with alierons, rudder, and elevator, this is a step up in complexity in the GWS line of affordable foam parkflyers. Nice lines and details like the windscreen and steerable tailwheel make it a nice looking model. Have not flown it yet. Moved the CG to the wing spar as advised on Ezone. Glad I did! Maiden flight 6/2/2002. Flew great - more power and responsiveness that I expected.

Indoor aerobat. Plans and info can be found here.

Tiger Moth   Moth in flight
GWS Tiger Moth
My main indoor flyer this winter (2001-2002). Great foam biplane model of the classic British trainer. Excellent flyer - I've even been quite successful in a single-court gym. Replaced the cheapo stock wheels with some better ones and added a steerable tailwheel. Love to fly this outdoors too.

Twinjet   Twinjet
Multiplex Twinjet
"Turn and Burn" twin speed 400 pusher. Great looking and exciting to fly. If any of my planes can begin to impress glow flyers, this is the one. Only real modification is the addition of air vents fore and aft of the canopy. Fashioned an air intake out of a plastic spoon.

Geared speed 400 foam parkflyer. Very stable flyer. Due to its gearbox it will fly with extra weight or drag. This is my primary photography platform (camera pictured), as well as a fun float flyer. Also rigged it with RCNeon light strips for very effective night flight for MARCEE 2002.

A pink foam indoor/outdoor flying wing with the GWS Litestick components. Was never totally satisfied with the performance with this setup. I believe that with a 280 or M100 it would be a lot more fun. Have not gotten around to trying this however.

GWS Litestick
My only indoor flyer during the winter of 2000-2001. Great little bird that really spured the growth of micro/indoor/slowflyer flight. Many of us modifided the heck out of it too. Here you can see the extra dihedral added by stringing fishing line between the wingtips.

Zagi 400X
Trick RC Zagi 400X
Speed 400 combat flying wing. Of all my planes, this one has provided the most number of hours of fun. Very durable and a lot of fun to fly. When flown in combat against 12 others. . .well that is an incredible experience!